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Rule-Coloring is a utility that allows the coloring of some attributes. This way, even if we have a large list of association rules, the important attributes can be easily found. As input, it requires two files: (1) a file with the association rules, and (2) a color schema. The output is a colored HTML file.


Usage: ./  <rules_file>  <color_schema>
   <rules_file>        is a text file with the rules
   <color_schema>      is a text file with the color schema

Additional options:
   -show:all           show all rules, non-colored too (default)
   -show:colored       show only colored rules
   -of:<output_file>   redirect the output to the given file


./ sample/coloring/rulz.txt sample/coloring/rulz.col >/tmp/rulz.html

The color schema file uses the syntax of CSS files:

// this is a remark
body { background-color: #EAF1FD; }
yellow { a }
//A0FFFF { b }
red { c }

Result (click for full size):

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